Smithsonian Volunteers

Tomorrow, Wednesday February 17, I am going to be in Washington DC doing a speaking engagement and book signing for a program at the Smithsonian Institution.

Inspired by the eye-opening events of 9/11, the Asian tsunami of 2004, and Hurricane Katrina, more people are waking up to the value of service—and realizing that their vacation may be the best place to incorporate it into their hectic lives. Even more profoundly, many travelers are deciding that the best way to recharge may not be lying on a beach but stepping outside of their normal routine to make a difference in the lives of others. The result is an experience that allows travelers to explore a culture in depth, make new friends, and come home feeling that they have learned and benefited even more than those they have helped. This evening, Andrew Mersmann shares the range of volunteer vacations available in stunning locations around the world.

Mersmann’s book 500 Places Where You Can Make a Difference (Wiley) is available for signing after the program.

Since the talk is all about volunteering, it’s fun to look at the volunteer options working with the Smithsonian—the world’s largest museum organization. Residents and visitors to the nation’s capital can work as volunteer docents, in the volunteer information desk program, telephone info program, amazing and unique Behind-the-Scenes program with researchers and scholars, special support programs, and seasonal programs like summer volunteering and the Folklife Festival.

Here’s a chance to give back while visiting the District.

More information here.

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  1. Fantastic. Always good to remember you do not need to leave this country to lend a hand.
    Thanks Andrew.


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