Love is In the Air

The Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, New York is one of my faves. Wolves are magical. In addition to their ambassador pack of stunning Gray Wolves that help educate people and teach them not to fear these regal beings, the Center is also home to more than 20 Mexican Gray Wolves and Red Wolves as part of a “Species Survival Plan” for these critically endangered species.

One of the pairs of Red Wolves (F1387 and M1483–they are not named since the ultimate goal is reintroduction to the wild) is taking Valentine’s Day seriously. The love holiday coincides with the annual breeding season, and these two are showing amorous behavior. When they met a few months ago, it seemed a long shot that they would become a breeding pair, but if “double marking” is any indication (and it is!), there could be pups in the future.


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