Earth Island

For the past quarter century, Earth Island Institute has supporting people and organizations that create solutions to protect our planet.

The serve as an incubator and support system for new projects and initiatives that preserve ecosystems, energy, biodiversity, etc. They also publish a quarterly magazine, Earth Island Journal to inspire and kick start dreams and good intentions into action. “New Leaders” Youth in action, are celebrated, and the grassroots thrust of supporting folks like you, in the trenches, trying to make headway against our issues, is a refreshing antidote to large philanthropic machines that occasionally lose sight of the trees for the forest (and shareholders, boards of directors, public relations efforts, etc.)

From the website: “By sharing resources, Earth Island’s network of grassroots leaders benefit from the synergistic exchange of experience and ideas, making its members more effective together than they could ever be apart. We currently serve as the fiscal sponsor for more than 40 groups, including Baikal Watch, Energy Action, Ethical Traveler, Fiji Organic Project, International Marine Mammal Project, Reef Protection International, Sacred Land Film Project, and Women’s Earth Alliance, among others. Successful Earth Island Institute alumni projects include International Rivers, Rainforest Action Network, and Bluewater Network.

The overall organization, as well as its project members, are all so worthy of your support and involvement–just as your cause or project is worthy of theirs. Reach out to make a connection–none of us has to do this alone.

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