Horton’s Heroes

Horton’s Heroes is a non-profit that is dedicated to supporting injured service personnel undergoing therapy at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and Bethesda Naval Hospital. The goal, through adventure sport and activities, is to bring some sense of normalcy to their lives and to show these men and women that people do care. Horton’s Heroes does this by giving wounded soldiers the opportunity to experience fun activities they otherwise might not have the ability to enjoy. Wakeboarding, sky diving, visiting professional sporting events, going to dinner, or seeing a movie are just some of the activities Horton’s Heroes is making possible for military men and women who sacrifice so much in service to us.

Horton’s Heroes was launched in 2004 by a private citizen looking to make a difference in the lives of Marines, Soldiers, Navy Personnel, and Airmen who have served and been wounded in combat operations in Afghanistan and Iraq. Horton’s Heroes is a 501 (c) (3) Public Charity. Your donations are tax deductible. There is not yet a website for this grassroots project, but support can be sent C/O Attila Tassi 43760 Trade Center Place Suite 165 Dulles, VA 20166. Please make checks payable to Horton’s Heroes. Your donations are greatly appreciated. For more information on Horton’s Heroes, please contact Attila Tassi, Founder and Chairman at 703-928-5516 or email ahortonsheroes@aol.com. Until a larger web presence can be arranged, the charity has a facebook page here, so you can explore and learn more.

One person created this, ignited by passion and compassion. Now…what should we try that seems impossible?

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