Coalition to Unchain Dogs

Started in 2006 in North Carolina, the Coalition to Unchain Dogs is a pretty brilliant, grassroots, charitable organization run by volunteers dedicated to improving the welfare of dogs living outdoors on chains. They advocate for anti-tethering laws since it is well known that dogs suffer when they live their lives tied up. The US Department of Agriculture prohibits chaining as the primary means of confinement under the Animal Welfare Act. The American Veterinary Medical Association warns that chaining a dog can contribute to aggressive behavior. Over 100 state and local jurisdictions ban or severely restrict chaining dogs.

Not everybody who keeps their dog on a chain is a bad pet owner. Many simply cannot afford a fenced area on their property for their dog, so a chain is the only low-cost alternative they can think of. The really “WOW” work of  the Coalition is their volunteer efforts—they build free fences for people who can’t afford them, so they can give their dogs the liberty (and exercise and happiness) of being unchained. A team of volunteers comes, providing all the labor and all the supplies, to create a fenced dog run, often also building or supplying dog houses, and also providing free spay/neuter procedures for every dog they free…all at no cost to the dog owner. They have freed over 400 dogs this way and inspired similar volunteer groups around the country.

Sometimes the answer is so simple. Free fences. What a great project to get behind with your time, and with your financial support. Think of how much laughing you would do if you spent your weekend like this (see video below).

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