Give and Give Again

Is there a limit to your generosity this season? This may seem the far horizon of giving, but it really isn’t as dramatic as you might have thought (or as dramatic as it once was).

Have you considered volunteering and signing up for the registry as a Bone Marrow Donor?

Thousands of patients with Leukemia and other life-threatening diseases depend upon donors on the Be The Match Registry (The National Marrow Donor Program) for transplants that will save their lives. You never know for whom you might be an appropriate match, so your profile is stored in the registry. When a patient is ready for and truly needs the procedure, their doctor searches for matches through the system. It needn’t be a huge procedure for you as the donor–the science has progressed so most transplant marrow can be received from a simple needle in your arm. It doesn’t have to be a punch into the bone of your pelvis like it used to be. Far less invasive, and it saves lives.

When you sign up, you are committing to helping anyone for whom you are a match. You can always change your mind when the time comes, perhaps many years from now when you match up with someone, but you won’t.

Did I mention it saves lives?

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