Stockings With Care

It’s the time of year, of course, when we are focused on giving and the warmth of hearth and home, family and friends. And we know, intellectually at least, that there are plenty of folks without hearth, home, family, or friends.

Stockings With Care is a charitable organization in New York (please look for similar groups where you live…or start one) that works with coalitions that assist families and youth in homeless shelters and outreach programs, and has social workers get “Wish Lists for Santa” from kids in families that won’t be able to afford to celebrate their holiday. Those lists are given to Stockings With Care and assigned to individual volunteer Santas (this is where you come in) who then go out to shop and make sure EVERY kid gets at least two things on his or her list and has at least three wrapped gifts to open on Christmas morning. Corporate donors fill some of the financial gap, but the need for Santas is higher for ever this year.

Volunteer here to be a Santa. They also need Santa Captains, sorting Santas (all the gifts get dropped off to a central location for distribution), phone Santas, last-minute shopping elves, and wrappers in Santa’s workshop December 10-13.

If you don’t have a home, it makes sense you might worry that Santa won’t know where to find you. It’s nice to take that fear away.

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