World AIDS Day

December 1 is World AIDS Day…each year…sadly, still this year.

While here in the United States, AIDS has become, largely, a treatable disease, in Africa and many developing nations, it is still a certain death sentence. Millions and millions die. Their deaths from AIDS-related disease can be prevented. Children could still have parents instead of being orphaned. Suffering could be alleviated. There is still no cure, but there is treatment—and the only barrier to getting that treatment to everyone, is money.

If you are unable to do anything the other 364 days a year, please, today, do something. There is a huge array of wonderfully effective HIV/AIDS organizations focusing on education, care, treatment, research, all elements of life LIVING with AIDS. One of them is calling to you. Listen. Find them. Make a difference.

One of my favorite charitable organizations in the world is Keep a Child Alive. For just a dollar a day, you can do exactly that. As co-founder and Global Ambassador Alicia Keys says, “We have a human family, a global family, and we have to pay attention.” Keep a Child Alive: ”

It starts and ends with the actions of people
We are witnessing the complete annihilation of entire communities of people. Human beings like you and and me, infected with the deadliest virus known to man: AIDS. Spreading uncontrollably from person to person, the virus has led to the deaths of millions of fathers, mothers, sons and daughters. The most affected are children. This devastating disease has created over 13 million orphans in Africa alone. This has become a race against time, not just for Africa but for the entire human race…

and yet the virus can be stopped
by donating as little as a dollar a day, we can provide life-saving medication, support and orphan care to keep these children and families alive. 100% of your donation will go directly to this cause.

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