Climbing for Kids

Here’s an ideal opportunity to have a great outdoor pursuit of your own while helping to make sure young people get out for some adventure as well. Urban kids who wouldn’t ordinarily have access to exploring wilderness are getting out in nature thanks to the Bay Area Wilderness Training program in the San Francisco Bay Area. Outdoor Education programs from BAWT have been going for a decade now, and the leadership and experience training for youth gets stronger all the time.

Now you can help this valuable program raise necessary funds with the Climbing for Kids program. Sign up online and pick a peak—Mt. Shasta, Mt. Rainier, or Yosemite’s Cathedral Peak—raise tax-deductible donations from your family, friends, and co-workers, get a load of free gear provided by the organizers, train, climb, summit, and know you are opening the doors to the great outdoors.

Win Win—that’s the best way to travel.

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