Holiday Shopping

SO here we are…Black Friday…the day you’re supposed to go out, fight through traffic and crowds, elbow your way to sale tables, and consume consume consume. And don’t get me wrong, finding wonderful, thoughtful gifts for loved ones is a beautiful thing.

My immediate family decided many years ago to stop buying winter holiday gifts for one another. There had been a few too many sweaters that got relegated to the back of the closet or housewares that were close to a design theme but not quite something any of us would pick for ourselves. Instead of shipping cross country boxes of almost good gifts or close but no cigar gadgets and gizmos, we began to give donations to our own favorite charities in one another’s name. We then send a simple card, letting the family know what good causes will benefit this year. Some have been consistent, giving to the same charities each year, and some of us mix it up each year, but since we are all lucky and blessed and have enough stuff, it actually seems more in-line with the spirit of the season to give to those who have greater need.

This may not be a solution for you, and that’s neither good nor bad, it is just a way to think about it all. My mom still sends along “stocking” stuffer gifts, and I feel good about sending my nephew things I think are funky or fun, but the excess is trimmed, and I like the way that feels.

However, if you have shopping to do, and most of us do, maybe there are some creative shopping options where a portion of your purchase price can go to a non-profit organization, or maybe you buy two of such-and-such a toy or game and donate one to a shelter or other program for needy kids, or drop off a bag of toys and food to an animal shelter while you’re out making merry…

I’ll also, as the next month wears on, occasionally suggest some shopping ideas I think bear considering—organizations that give back. For instance, Global Sistergoods, an online resource that “brings you the finest in fair trade, eco-friendly, and handmade gifts, jewelry, handbags, accessories, children’s clothing and toys, baskets, and home decor items. All of their fair trade products are made by women from around the world, and offer the high quality and one-of-a-kind feel that today’s socially responsible customer demands. Each fair trade product is as unique as the woman who makes it, and each purchase helps women throughout the world earn a living wage and build beautiful, thriving communities.” You can shop by country or by searching on category of gift, knowing that you are supporting local artisans and putting economic nourishment into developing communities.

Now THAT works.

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  1. HI Andrew,

    Thanks so much for letting your readers know about! In gratitude, we’d love to offer free shipping to you and your followers—just use the code CBD09 at checkout. Fair trade, eco-friendly, made by women, and we’ll ship to your gift recipient (or yourself!) for free. Happy holidays all around!



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