Orphan Dinners and World AIDS Marathon

Richard Brodsky is a pretty tenacious guy, as committed to raising awareness and reaching out to others as he is committed to his own well-being. A brain cancer survivor and man living with HIV, Brodsky formed his own foundation (Richard Brodsky Foundation) and each year travels to Kenya to helm the World AIDS Marathon in Kisumu, Kenya. The foot race not only brings attention and is a terrific fund-raising activity for those in Kenya living with HIV/AIDS, but Brodsky and his wife, with their Kenyan partners, have expanded the events to include wonderful dinner/dances with hundreds of orphans in the area, filling hungry bellies that aren’t often full. The foundation also purchases and ships a large amount of seeds and seedlings so the orphans and their caretakers can plant and grow their own vegetables to bring better possibilities for nutrition throughout the year.

Last year’s marathon got some extra attention because the race was officially started when Mama Sarah (pictured above in blue), Barack Obama’s Kenyan grandmother, waved a flag. The marathon takes place each year on December 1, World AIDS Day, and the orphan dinners (for 600 orphans) are on November 29 and 30. It may be a bit late to book yur own travel to Kenya, but as you’re thinkig of all the things for which you are grateful this holiday, and giving thanks, think about giving support to this grassroots foundation and their tireless work on behalf of others.

– mail a check to Richard M. Brodsky Foundation, 1247 Mara Court, Atlantic Beach, NY 11509 or
– visit the Foundation website and click on the PayPal link or
– alternately you can make your donation by visiting World AIDS Marathon and click on the Donate link.

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