World Hungerthon

This Thanksgiving, as you are likely planning to indulge (and most of us overindulge, but that’s between us and our gym memberships) in a feast, look for ways to bring abundance into other lives as well.

There are 36.2 million Americans, and more than a billion people worldwide who do not get enough to eat. WHY is a non-profit charity working to end world hunger and poverty. The annual Hungerthon is a radio broadcast each Thanksgiving to bring awareness and appeal for donations (of dollars and/or hours of your volunteering time) to help feed the world. “Imagine There’s No Hunger” is the theme (approved by Yoko Ono who generously allowed John Lennon’s lyric and images to stand for the project). Other giants of the music industry are on board and have donated items for auction to raise money. Some of the big ticket items are: *A signed photograph from Henry Diltz, courtesy of the Morrison Hotel Gallery.
* A signed guitar from Sarah McLachlan, courtesy of Nettwerk Management.
* A signed deluxe box set from The Dave Matthews Band, courtesy of Red Light Management.
* A signed guitar from The Counting Crows, courtesy of The Artists Organization.
* An autographed photo and signed copy of the new album ‘Battle Studies’ from John Mayer, courtesy of Mick Management.
* A signed special edition of “21st Century Breakdown,” courtesy of Green Day.

Bid on these items, make a general donation, and volunteer some time for other events and spreading the word.

It is what being thankful is all about.

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  1. Posted by Mrs. Gervais on April 18, 2018 at 6:38 PM

    I would like to commend you on your work with “World Hunger.” I am involved in a voluntary bible educational work, and look for ways to be encouraging. I definitely agree with you—hunger is a world dilemma and needs to be addressed soon! In the beginning God created Adam and Eve; placed them in a beautiful garden, and provided an abundance of food. There was no food shortages! At Genesis 1:28,29…. God said I have given to you all vegetation which is on the surface of the whole earth. Jehovah’s purpose was for all humankind to have an abundance of good food to eat. His original purpose has not changed. The bible talks about a time when this earth will be transformed into a beautiful paradise with plenty of food for everyone.

    Please click on the link “A World Without Hunger”

    While on the website, you will find additional articles on food shortages, famine and world peace. Please use the search engine to type in other topics or questions you may have. Scroll all the way down and you will see articles on that particular subject.

    I am sure you are a bible reader; and look forward to the fulfillment of Psalms 72:16, when there will be an abundance of grain on the earth; on the top of the mountains it will overflow.


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