So All May Eat

As we round the bend toward Thanksgiving, this story seems to me to sum that holiday up perfectly.

In Denver, the SAME Cafe (S.A.M.E. stands for “So All May Eat”) is a funky organic eatery with a difference. Anyone who walks through the door is served, whatever the day’s fresh goods seemed like a good fit for the ever-changing menu, and instead of a cash register there is a donation box—you just pay whatever amount you’d like for your meal. Leave a bit extra so those that cannot pay can eat, or pay far less than you know it is worth if you need a little extra help. If you can’t pay at all—and there’s absolutely no judgment if that is the case—you can donate an hour or so of service around the cafe. It’s like when your mom told you if you didn’t have enough money to pay at a  restaurant, they’d make you wash the dishes…and here, at SAME, folks are eager and happy to wash the dishes and more.

The philosophy of proprietors Brad and Libby Birky and the rest of the SAME Cafe team is: “everyone, regardless of economic status, deserves the chance to eat healthy food while being treated with dignity.”

Even if you can pay for your meal, drop-in as well as pre-scheduled volunteers are encouraged, so when you next find yourself in Denver, pop in for a great natural meal, and stick around for a while enjoying the camaraderie and family-style welcome as you pitch in some of your time and sweat equity…so all may eat.

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