Bees Without Borders

I love this organization. Bees Without Borders teaches beekeeping skills to impoverished communities around the world, giving fresh access to a sustainable source of income via honey, honeycomb, and beeswax (for candles and other products). Bee hives don’t take a ton of space and don’t require as much care and feeding as other animals…plus they help the surrounding agricultural stakes with increased pollination. The folks at BwB launched in 2005 with a trip to Iraq to train and assist Iraqi beekeepers. 2007 was a project in the Niger Delta in Africa. 2008 had beekeepers in Tamil Nadu and Kerala in Southern India learning from the BwB team, and right now they are gearing up for an education trip to the Ukraine.

If you’d like to become part of “the hive” and learn more or pitch in, sign up for the newsletter, hold a fund-raising honey tasting, buy local honey, volunteer locally or internationally (volunteers pay their own travel expenses and live in the homes of project beneficiaries), and, of course, donate to this cause that is helping alleviate poverty.


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