Thoughtful Development

There is no reason to believe that eco-friendly or community sensitive hotels and resorts need to be lackluster or somehow less than the luxury developments found on resort beaches everywhere. It is just as easy to build with the larger world in mind–and this developer proves it. I love that vacation destination development is, in some cases, being undertaken more carefully than in the building boom of just a few years ago–and that so many industries are finding that it is more than just a Public Relations spin or damage control that motivates growth with a conscience. cristalBeachResort_image01

From a recent press release: “Lawrence Citarelli, Jr. is an International Builder and Developer who has been recognized by the Congress of The Dominican Republic for his global business dealings and his tireless efforts to help the children of its country. Owner of multi award winning design/build firm, Lawrence III Corporation and First Hampton International Realty, Mr. Citarelli is developing a 60 unit, 154 key, 5 Star oceanfront condominium hotel in the city of Cabrera on the spectacular North Coast of the Dominican Republic which is part of a series of four other projects. Known as a CondoTel, this model offers one the opportunity to own their own titled piece of paradise (insured by world renowned Fidelity Title) and share in the profits of the resort operations. Mr. Citarelli develops projects that are carefully intertwined with the surrounding natural elements, are debt free, offer security of principal, generate income, and provide capital appreciation while adhering to eco- friendly and humanitarian tenets. “I make a conscious and deliberate effort on a daily basis to be humble in my successes and appreciative of my opportunities,” Mr. Citarelli explains.

Lawrence prides himself on his lower densities, environmentally conscious introduction of alternative energy solutions, and socially responsible attributes he instills in every venture. Allocating a portion of the proceeds of every project to a direct, children-oriented, humanitarian effort is just the beginning. “Helping those who are less fortunate is at the forefront of my family’s discussions and my five-year-old gets it. My children do not know color, religion, or race — they are not allowed to use the word ‘poor’ and are cognizant that they have a responsibility to help each other and those who are truly in need.”

The Cristal Beach Resort will exemplify Mr. Citarelli’s humanitarian focus. As part of this tropical resort, Mr. Citarelli has committed to the land purchase, design, and the construction of a new state of the art school for the children of Cabrera as well as a Cristal Beach Resort Scholarship program.

Cristal Beach Resort ( ) has recently been voted “2009 Best Lifestyle Development In The Caribbean” by Caribbean World Magazine and its readers.


The property is not only Eco-Friendly, but will be a source of substantial income for all owners well into the future. “This is truly a unique investment opportunity from its development structure to the final product, not to mention creating over 200 jobs,” adds Mr. Citarelli, who will also be an owner and stay on as a member of the board. “I do not just need to exceed everyone’s expectations, I need to exceed mine. As an owner myself, I have insisted on many components that make this very different from other resort projects.”


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