Times_Square_EventAre you much of a TV watcher? I’ve got the tube on most of the time when around the house, sometimes not even watching carefully or spacing out on re-runs, but force of habit has it on. If you tune in, you’ll start noticing a new movement this coming week. NBC, ABC, CBS, and Fox are taking par tin an integrated week of programming with iParticipate. In conjunction with The Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), you’ll see the concept of volunteerism woven into everything from morning and evening news shows and talk shows to sitcoms and dramas. Characters on some of your favorite shows will be taking up volunteer work this week as part of a storyline. What a great way to see the movement you and I are already committed to brought to life.

Can’t wait to see Kenneth the Page volunteering at an animal rescue project on 30 Rock.

Surf over to the iParticipate website and type in your zip code to find fantastic volunteer opportunities near you.

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