Help Kenya Project

comps1Sometimes, all you need is a great idea, and you can change the world.

The Help Kenya Project
brings donated computers from the United States to Kenyan village learning labs and schools. They also deliver donated clothing, and provide teaching and tutoring in English, computer work, and programming. In exchange, the children and young adults receiving the donations plant trees in and around their village to try and reverse the damage done in previous generations by indiscriminate cutting that led to terrible erosion and degradation of the earth. New trees provide shade and keep the earth from washing, or blowing, away.

Volunteers can travel along with the project founder, Kenyan Jude Ndambuki, to deliver equipment, do computer repairs in the Westchester, New York program center, and help load the shipping containers as well as helping collect donations of gently used technology, new school supplies, and clothing  (and donate your own).

Not a lot of effort. Not a lot of time. And it completely rocks the world of a whole bunch of people.

DO you have an idea like this? Share it, and until then, add your energy to other projects that help.

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