Think Larger

Of course we know the world is larger and more complex than our imaginations allow us to comprehend…but every chance listenwe have to glimpse something we don’t already know is a huge opportunity to grow. The Listen to Africa project is a two-year expedition, by bicycle, with high-tech recording equipment to try and take an aural profile of Africa. The website is an amazing journey that is being updated all the time. There are fascinating recordings of wildlife, music, oral histories–it is a soundscape in bite-sized morsels that points out how different and how similar are the places we live and love. There are also stunning photographs in the gallery.

Here is a clip from the website:

“While we have no fixed ideas about the subject matter, the Listen to Africa website will inevitably reflect the interests of the team: human rights and humanitarian welfare, wildlife and environmental protection, music, and citizen journalism. We are also keen to work with African people and groups along the way, especially in local and community radio, podcasting, and blogging….

Listen to Africa isn’t a charity; the expedition will be self-funded, partly through commissions. Nor are we raising money for charity. We will, though, be visiting people and grassroots projects working for change across the continent and we’ll provide contact details for those that accept donations, in case you feel inspired to donate.”

Click over and explore…I promise it’ll widen your perspective.

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