Breast Cancer Awareness

breastcancerbracI can’t believe that October is already here.

In addition to being sweatshirt weather, October is, of course, Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

There is an array of ways you can volunteer this and every month to help with efforts to find a cure, advocate, assist, and make sure it is talked about and addressed.

Have you scheduled a mammogram this year (or made sure your loved ones have)?

When was your last self exam? (and guys, a testicular self exam needs top be in your regular repertoire as well)

Find out more. Even if you think you know it all, find out more anyway. You don’t have to wear pink, but you have to be fearless in talking about it and exploring everything you can find out. Do not, under any circumstances, allow anyone with cancer feel ashamed or alone. You will never forgive yourself.

How to perform a breast self exam:

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