Red Watch Bands


So it’s back to school season–kids of all ages have worn their new clothes more than once by now, folders are already scribbled with the names of new crushes, and there’s been at least one pop quiz.

At colleges and universities, there’s also been at least one big blowout party by now (most high schools too). Too often, celebration turns tragic when young people, who haven’t yet learned their tolerance and limits for alcohol, go too far. Toxic Drinking is when you’ve had so much to drink that you pass out–but it can be too much for your body to process, and what looks like sleeping it off can actually be someone dying. Usually at a party, somebody with a little more presence of mind than the rest will get a cool washcloth for someone vomiting, and maybe drag a passed out pal into a spare bedroom, then go back out to the festivities. Very few know the appropriate steps to take to prevent alcohol emergencies.

The Red Watch Band project on college campuses across the country helps train students in CPR, heart health, and alcohol emergency procedures when, quite literally, every second can make a difference. 27.4% of young people 18-24 report binge drinking, so peers taking responsibility for peers can make a huge difference.

The mission of the Red Watch Band is to provide campus community members with the knowledge, awareness, and skills to prevent student toxic drinking deaths and to promote a student culture of kindness, responsibility, compassion, and respect. Those on campus who have completed the training wear red watch bands so they can be easily identified.

Are you or a young person you know ready to take the training? Can you imagine a better way to be “Big Man on Campus” (or Woman) than to save someone’s life?

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