What Are You Doing for Peace Day? 9/21

I know–there’s an “official” day for everything from hangnails to Public Broadcasting…and I’d never tell you how to prioritize…but you’ve got this weekend to get your plans made for Monday.

September 21…got plans? Then get cracking. It is the United Nations’ International Peace Day.

Peace Day—21 September—is a day of non-violence and ceasefire, a 24 hour-long platform for life-saving activities around the world. There are astounding events and inspiring actions going on across the globe. When all the energy that is put into violent conflict is, even if for only one day, freed up to be put into something productive–just imagine what can be accomplished. The movement has truly world-altering goals–like free school supplies for every child in the world–immunizations from killing disease available in every community…

Find a way to take action. Organize an activity, talk to your family and friends, put up a sign at the coffee house or library, fly a peace flag, make a connection, reach out, build bridges, and most importantly, solve conflicts. It can be small it can be enormous. Apologize to someone, fess up to something you’ve meant to, just find a way to smooth the way. Disempower conflict. There is no downside to finding peace within yourself and within your relationships…and within the world.


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