See Change


Go ahead and eat your Wheaties, chug a cup or three of coffee, and look into the mirror to say your daily affirmations to get out there and tackle the day…but for an extra dose of inspiration, visit the website for See Change Global.

This online presence partners with charitable organizations to help inspire and foster informed action on global issues. That means lighting a fire under your butt and mine, and opening our eyes to how easy it can be to help, even in the face of seemingly overwhelming circumstances. They pair online content (videos, photos, and narrative text) with clear, actionable steps to empower and motivate us. They also train communities in need and build collaborative bridges between groups striving for the same goals so coalitions can be formed and wasteful duplication of effort can be streamlined.

It is a way to cut down on the overhead and extensive, international “management” of social change organizations, and allow motivated people to get busy with the real work of changing our world.

Now who doesn’t want to be a part of THAT!?

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