Dog Days

dogdaysWell we are definitely deep into the dog days of summer, and speaking of dog days, I missed it, but did you know that this past Saturday was INTERNATIONAL HOMELESS ANIMALS DAY? It is a day of reminding us about the tragedy of overcrowding at our animal shelters, pet overpopulation, and the incredible importance of responsible pet ownership–which absolutely must include spaying/neutering for non-breeding animals (and even then, you should consider very seriously whether your pet having offspring will make the world a better place, or add to some awfully tough circumstances). Learn more at the International Society for Animal Rights website.

It was also a great day for inside/out tour company to announce their new humanitourism tours focused on homeless animal projects. They will be running a June 2010 trip to Greece and a September 2010 trip to India for volunteer vacationers to work hands-on with animal welfare programs. The Greece program focuses on sterilization education, shelter work, and care of the homeless dog population. In Dharamsala, India, volunteers will help build kennels at the Himalayan region’s only  animal shelter as well as pitching in improving animal sanctuary spaces and spay/neuter programs. It’s not all work and no play, and in addition to your volunteering, there are adventure exploration activities built into your itinerary, so you can get a deep understanding of the environment, culture, and community where you are working.Sounds like a pretty dreamy combo to me.

Other upcoming inside/out Humanitourism adventure trips include Guatemala and Patagonia in early 2010 and a sea turtle conservation trip on the Greek island of Zakynthos in June 2010.

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