Snapshots Extraordinaire

prixDid you ever organize those snapshots from your last vacation, or are they still prisoners of your camera’s memory card? Here’s a little photographic inspiration (and a lot to think about) from around the world…

The Prix Prictet is the world’s first prize dedicated to sustainability and photography. It’s intention is for photographic artists to use the power of still images to communicate crucial messages to a global audience. It is the application of art to the immense social and environmental threats of this millennium.

The photos are haunting and magnificent. Go to the website to see this year’s finalists and previous winners.

From the website: “As Kofi Annan, the Prix Pictet’s Honorary President, said, in awarding the 2008 Prix Pictet to the Canadian photographer Benoit Aquin, “It is my hope that the Prix Pictet will help to deepen understanding of the changes taking place in our world and raise public awareness about the urgency of taking preventative action. The images submitted for the Prix Pictet confront us with the scale of the threat we face and they act to inspire governments, businesses – and all of us as individuals – to step up to the challenge and support change for a sustainable world.”

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