Grey is the New Black

sleepingYou can keep your Grecian Formula–a little grey around the chops is incredibly distinguished.

The Grey Muzzle Organization improves the lives of senior dogs and works to try and keep older dogs and their owners together, in spite of potential rises in medical care, the cost of special senior diets, etc. In this tough economy, families in higher numbers are having to make agonizing decisions about keeping pets when they can’t afford to care for them. The numbers of abandoned animals and animals brought to shelters is skyrocketing. Puppies might be somewhat easier to place in a new home, but older dogs rarely get a second chance.

GREY MUZZLE is not a shelter or rescue project, but helps fund programs like hospice care, senior dog adoption, medical screening, and other special senior dog programs, and now has a new priority: helping low-income pet owners, especially senior citizens who might be on fixed incomes, keep their old dogs at home. It’s a beautiful symbiosis since dogs provide such medical and emotional benefits, lowered blood pressure, increased capacity to deal with stress, and just good old company. Volunteers are needed across the country to help advocate for older dogs and get the word out about the organization.

Ready to show your reverence for a beautifully grizzled face?

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