Touch of Green

treefieldTo all of my Estonian friends–and I must sadly admit there aren’t huge numbers of them…yet, I must also admit, head hanging even lower in embarrassment, that I don’t often think of the city of Tallinn…but when I do…I don’t think dense and verdant forest.

So when I learned that the winners of a Europe-wide competition for innovation in student-created companies was a tree planting, carbon offsetting wonder company, I dug that. Touch of Green won the early July contest in Rotterdam for their inspired idea to allow people to purchase tree planting services to allow them to offset their carbon footprints. As opposed to basic “Sure—we’ll plant a tree for you” companies elsewhere, Touch of Green calculates precisely how much carbon your planting can counteract, and gives you exact coordinates for where your particular tree(s) are planted…so you could, next time you’re in Estonia, go visit your oak or pine or cypress or…

It’s a nice touchstone for an esoteric concept. People generally want to reduce their carbon footprints…whatever that means…and it’s nice to see the results. And nice it was developed by students. The young team from Estonia beat 31 other European nation representative teams.

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