The Horse Boy




Just finished this book. Your turn. If you’re looking for some inspiration, read this. Rowan has been diagnosed with autism and shows very lttle interest in the world beyond the plastic animals he obsessively lines up along the floor. No full sentences help him communicate, and life for his parents (Dad wrote the book) is looking forward to the lulls between the storms when Rowan has tantrums. Dad is a travel writer and has had occasion to meet healers and shaman in several cultures, so dares to hope there is a non-Western medicine-based possibility of a breakthrough for his son. On the way down that path, they accidentally discover that Rowan finds previously unknown peace with a neighbor’s horse. In the saddle or even from the ground with a horse that is edgy with others, Rowan somehow communicates and is communicated with. His gift with other animals also begins to appear, but connecting to humans is still mostly elusive. The book turns into a wonderful travelogue as the family decides, against all logic, to travel to Mongolia in search of shaman healers in a land that still reveres the horse. Travel narratives are most engaging when troubles arise, and there is endless opportunity for that in this book. It is a difficult journey on every level, and a great book. I truly feel like I know these people and have been on a hell of a quest. There is a movie in the works and a foundation for equine therapy has been established back in their home state of Texas. Read. Reach out. Really.

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